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You are due to come to Paris ? Book this guided tour in English available for groups

One-hour and half guided tour designed for a family or a group from 1 to 15 people, available on request in English, German, Hebrew or Spanish, at the day of your choice

France has a rich connection to Jewish culture, from the medieval communities of Paris to the modern artists of avant-garde.

This tour invites you to discover the unique collection of the museum of Jewish art and history, housed in the beautiful 17th century mansion in the Marais, the Hôtel de Saint-Aignan. This collection is one of the finest in the world, comprised of art, historic Judaica, textiles and jewelry. Special importance is given to the Jewish painters of the School of Paris, such as Marc Chagall, and contemporary artists including Christian Boltanski.

By the end of this hour and a half tour you will have travelled through one thousand years of Jewish history in France and across the Diaspora.

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In the narrow street "Rue des Rosiers". During a walking tour of the Jewish Marais.
Guided visit
Sunday 19 June 2022, 15h00-17h00, Sunday 7 August 2022, 15h00-17h00, Sunday 28 August 2022, 15h00-17h00
Guided visit
Sunday 17 July 2022, 15h00-16h30

Permanent collection

Rates and reservation 

Private guided tour for a family or a group from 1 to 15 people

This tour is available in English, Hebrew and Spanish, on request

Duration: 1h30

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Charge for a guide: 140 € + entrance admission
Entrance admission: for a group of 10 or more persons 7 €/person; under 10 persons 10€/person.

You must pay for the activity at the latest 8 days in advance in order that the reservation remains valid and be maintained. Once booked, the activity remains charged if the group does not come, except when the cancellation has been announced by email at least 7 days in advance. 

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Fill a contact form and be as precise as possible, you will soon obtain an answer.
Telephone : Monday and Wednesday from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm : 0(33)1 53 01 86 57 (secure payment by credit card by phone).

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