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Key works

Discover the richness of the mahJ’s collection through a selection of major works, representative of the diversity of artistic expressions related to Jewish history and culture.



France, first half of the 19th century

History, Fine arts

Jules Jean Antoine Lecomte du Noüy (Paris, 1842 – Paris, 1923)

Paris, 1878

History, Fine arts


Austro-Hungary, around 1782

Art moderne

Jules Pascin (Vidin, 1885 – Paris, 1930)

United States, 1916

Art moderne

Jacques Lipchitz (Druskininkai, 1891– Capri, 1973)

Paris, circa 1917

Contemporary art

Kader Attia (Dugny, 1970)

Paris, 2005

Festivals and ceremonies, Synagogue*

Late 18th-early 19th century

Art moderne

Chaim Soutine (Smilovitchi, 1893 – Paris, 1943)

Céret, circa 1920

History, Art moderne

Abel Pann (Abba Pfeffermann, known as ; Kreslawka, 1883 – Jérusalem, 1963)

Paris, 1916

Art moderne

Alice Halicka (Cracovie, 1894 – Paris, 1975)

France, 1915