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Key works

Discover the richness of the mahJ’s collection through a selection of major works, representative of the diversity of artistic expressions related to Jewish history and culture.

Art moderne, History

Joseph Budko (Plonsk, 1888 – Jérusalem, 1940)

Berlin, 1923

Daily life

Bukhara, Uzbekistan, early 20th century

Festivals and ceremonies, Books and manuscripts


Germany, 1731

Art moderne

Issachar Ryback (Yelisavetgrad, 1897 – Paris, 1935)

Berlin, Schwellen Verlag, 1923

Daily life

Eastern France or Germany, late 18th or early 19th century

History, Art moderne

Hermann Struck (Berlin, 1876 – Haïfa, 1944)

Berlin, 1903

Festivals and ceremonies

Germany and Italy, 16th-17th centuries


Alsace or Germany, 1752