Auditorium © Giovanni Ricci-Novara - mahJ

Auditorium © Giovanni Ricci-Novara - mahJ

The Auditorium

The auditorium’s music, literature, theatre and film programme highlights the wealth and diversity of Jewish culture.

The auditorium

Located beneath the main courtyard, the modern, 198-seat auditorium, equipped with film and video projectors and simultaneous translation booths, plays a crucial role in the mahJ’s scientific and cultural activities.


Colloquiums, lectures, debates, panel discussions, readings, film shows, concerts, film-concerts and events for young audiences explore the diversity of Jewish culture, particularly in domains that the permanent collection cannot fully cover. The programme encompasses history, the social sciences, literature, the visual arts, music (classical, Klezmer, Judeo-Spanish, Yiddish, jazz, etc.), cinema, television and societal questions.

Every season, around a hundred events address current issues and themes in Jewish culture and complement the museum’s exhibitions with wide-ranging programmes.

The auditorium plays a key role in the mahJ’s participation in Parisian cultural life, notably by participating in a number of nationwide events (Fête de la Musique, European Heritage Days, European Days of Jewish Culture, etc.). In 2015, the auditorium attracted an audience of 12,007 for its 91 public events.

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Ce programme a reçu le soutien de la délégation interministérielle à la lutte contre le Racisme et l'Antisémitisme.