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Marcel Proust. On his mother's side

From 14 april to 28 August 2022

The "Marcel Proust. On his mother's side" exhibition is the first in France to focus on the writer through the prism of his Jewishness.


Pilgrimage to Djerba. Photographs by Jacques Pérez, 1980

From 2 June until 31 December 2022

The island of Djerba, in southern Tunisia, is home to one of the oldest and most famous synagogues in the world, the Ghriba. The community around this synagogue, whose existence is accounted for since the Middle Ages, was documented by Jacques Pérez in 1979-1980, in a series of colorful photographs that illustrate their ancestral traditions.

Guided visit

The Jewish Marais, Paris

Sunday 7 and 28 August 2022, 11 September 2022 at 3pm

By Madeline Diaz or Stéphanie Nadalo, English speaking guides

Grand entretien

Jean-Claude Grumberg


En conversation avec Raphaëlle Leyris

Guided visit

Discover the mahJ


By Madeline Diaz or Stephanie Nadalo, English speaking guides.